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burner® Ultra Metabolism Boost Coffee
Improve intestinal motility
Burn calories
Boost of energy
Featured Arabica coffee beans
Rich mellow. Plus functional elements
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Product description
Product description:
˙Transform double the calories into energy!
˙Made with high-quality, carefully selected, organic Gold Arabica coffee beans known for their strong!
˙Original 2 world patented ingredients certification - Finomate EFLA920 Green Mate extracts, AX3 peptide
˙Japanese health authorities MD, Hiroyuki Abe¸ from Asian Physique design
˙Identified as a product by the Noguchi Medical Research Institute in Japan
˙Noguchi Medical Research Institute – the Trusted Medical Product Gold Award
˙Testified by 27 research articles, recorded in 25 literatures.
˙Utilizes the Hyperpure® high efficiency extracting technology that has obtained its patent in 102 countries: manufactured by the highest ranked GMP-PIC plant factory, 100% natural plant extract. The exclusively patented Hyperpure® high efficiency extracting technology utilizes a patented quadruple specified process to distill, separate and extract active ingredients that ensures the high purity, high concentration, efficiency of the patented Finomate EFLA 920 Green Mate extract without any residual contaminations.
˙Funcare provides the world with certified products that are safe, natural, non-additive and worthy of your trust!
Ingredients:Three-in-one Coffee Powder (Creamer、Instant Coffee Powder、Sugar、Spices)、Inulin、Green Mate Extract、Green Coffee Bean Extract、Cocoa Seed Extract (Containing Cocoa Polyphenols)、Silicon Dioxide、Milk Protein Hydrolyzate (Including AX3 Peptide)
Detailed product description:
˙Green Coffee Bean Extract (Chlorogenic acid)
Chlorogenic acid found in unroasted green coffee beans exceeds 45%, but it breaks down with only 5-10% left during the roasting process. Contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine which work together to stimulate CPT activity and thus promote more effect body metabolism.
˙Milk protein hydrolysate (contains AX3 peptide)
Possesses a World-certified Patent (WO No. 2006/116410) and a U.S. Certified Patent (US No. 7,528,108) .
˙Patented Finomate EFLA920 Green Mate extract
World-certified Patent (WO No. 00/16789) Promotes exothermic reactions that regulates the metabolism; induces the sense of satiation; energizes the body. The exclusively patented Finomate EFLA920 Green Mate extract contains slow-releasing mateine, purine alkaloids, dietary fibers, an abundant amount of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, as well as a great amount of the antioxidant Catechin. This product is also certified by the US FDA as a safety dietary supplement that meets the highest GRAS standard.
Inulin is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide that, as an effective bifidus factor, is resistant to gastric acid, allowing it to reach the intestines intact and help promote intestinal peristalsis.
Applicable targets:
˙Persons who are looking to manage their weight and body images
˙Suitable for people with high-oil, high-calorie and high-sugar diets.
˙Suitable for people with slow metabolism, poor lower body circulation and low energy levels.
Serving suggestion:
1.Either pour hot water or cold water and 1 pack a day.
      ※Brewing hot water: Brew with 120c.c water and mix thoroughly
      ※Brewing cold water: Brew with 20c.c water and mix thoroughly with 100c.c low fat milk
2. Please pour as soon as possible after bag opening
3. It can be taken with Burner series products
1. This product is contraindicated gravidity and children under 12 years old
2. Please keep at a cool, dry place and cannot be gotten from children
3.Taiwan FDA suggest 「Total daily intake of caffeine is generally less than 300Mg」,this product is contraindicated Children, pregnant and lactating women which sensitive to caffeine
Storage: The box should avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity
Expiry date/manufacturing mark: Indicating on the bottom of box
Country of origin: Taiwan
Shelf Life: 2 Years
※This product has product liability insurance coverage Fubon Taiwan NT $ 50 million
Short video of operating instruction
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