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burner® Super Slimming Black Coffee
Improve intestinal motility
Burn calories
Boost of energy
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Product description
Product description:
Uses black coffee as the primary ingredient, free of cream and sugar. Black coffee is known for its health benefits and effects in facilitating weight-loss. Each serving contains only 14kcal. It combines other functional ingredients to enhance metabolism, promote bowel movement, and encourage weight-loss.
Formulated with premium medical grade GMP-PIC herbal ingredients from renowned pharmaceutical companies. 100% natural extracts obtained using Hyper Pure quadruple specification patented extraction. The effective ingredients were isolated and extracted using osmosis technology to ensure their purity and effectiveness. All potential allergens, toxin, and non-effective substance are removed in the process. Hyper pure osmosis isolation extraction increases the concentration of the effective ingredients including chlorogenic acid, mateine, and caffeoylquinic acid to ensure that the ingredients are high-water soluble, high-absorbent, and high-concentration. It is a certified safe product which has been tested by SGS Taiwan to be free of heavy metals and western medicine. It has also received international certifications including SQS (Switzerland Food Grade A Certification), GMP, HACCP, and ISO9001. We believe in health science and strive to gain trust from the world. We also believe in clinical trials and empirical evidence in the development of quality, safe, healthy, and scientifically proven products.
Maltodextrin, instant coffee (black coffee), cichorium intybus, polydextrose, garcinia cambogia (patented), green coffee extract, mate tea (Finomate EFLA920 green mate extract, patent), cocoa bean extract (contains cocoa polyphenol), bovine lactoferrin hydrolysate (contains AX3 peptide), silicon dioxide.
Direction for use:
1. 1-2 packets daily, prepared as a cold or hot drink:
※Hot drink: Prepare with 180c.c. of hot water, stir until dissolved.
※Cold drink: Dissolve in 20c.c. of hot water then add 160c.c. of iced water; dissolve in 20c.c. of hot water then add 160c.c. of low-fat milk, stir until dissolved.
2. Please consume shortly after opening.
3. Use with other Burner® products for better results.
Contents: 10g, 10 packets
1. Not suitable for children younger than 12 years old, pregnant women, those with poor digestive function or severe illness.
2. Please store in cool, dry places away from the reach of children.
3. Each serving contains 18.97mg of caffeine (the maximum daily allowance recommended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan for the general population is 300mg; caffeine is not recommended for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and those allergic to caffeine).
Storage: The box should avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity
Expiry date/manufacturing mark: Indicating on the bottom of box
Country of origin: Taiwan
Shelf Life: 2 Years
※This product has product liability insurance coverage Fubon Taiwan NT $ 50 million
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