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    People may encounter many helpful persons in their life, and have the experience to be helped by others, but people accompanying you to the end in the adverse situation are always the family.-FromFuncare's founder. This sentence is full of enlightenment for many people. When we are happy, we celebrate and cheer with the family; when we are sad, the two warm hands hold our shivering hands and become the footstone for us to continuously climb up. Those little things which add more sweetness to life are from our family. They warm our soul, and all these are worthy to be grateful. The simplest way of emotional connection with your family is to take care of their daily life, wife's skin complexion, husband's mouth smell, children's window to the soul, and creation of comfortable home environment..., the details in every aspect are very important medium. To help you bring healthier life to your family, Funcare was born with the responsibility of safe and reassuring care! It is Funcare's most significant mission to let customers feel family-like care and enjoy pleasant use experience!
    The profession team composed of 101 medical doctors, nutritionists and research personnel in Japan Medical Institute strictly selects the high-quality raw materials from Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, and the patented raw materials extracted from large GMP-PIC level pharmaceutical companies to develop health supplementary products, beauty food products and beauty equipment suitable for Asian family. The products are certified by the U.S. FDA’s GRAS as a safe food product and further inspected by the SGS Taiwan. Results have confirmed that no heavy metal residuals and western medicine ingredients are present. With inspection at each level and careful manufacture, they are like the hands which continuously guarantee your family's health in different life stages, warm and take care of you and your family every day!
    In the future, Funcare will insist on its mission and continuously develop more professional and comprehensive care products to bring you the brand new horizon as well as the unique care method. You will discover that it is realizable to take care of your internal and external beauty at your own will! Funcare can fill in anything that you lack, and the safe and reassuring nutrient runs in the body to guarantee your family's healthier and happier life! Always keep the grateful heart and show your gratitude to your family through our Funcare products!
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