Shopping Introduction   Frequently Asked Questions for Shopping
Shopping Introduction
Frequently Asked Questions for Shopping
Q1. Introduction of shopping procedures
Funcare provides easy and safe shopping procedures, and you can place an order by filling in simple information. The kind and straightforward guiding drawing of procedures enables you to fully enjoy the joy in convenient shopping.
First shopping: select product>>add to shopping cart>>please click on "First Shopping" at the right side>>select payment method>>fill in correct member information>> complete shopping
in the upper right of the webpage>>Join Member>>Membership Agreement>>fill in member information>>account activation>>complete member registration
Not first shopping: select product>>add to shopping cart>>enter account and password>>select payment method>> complete shopping
Q2. What kinds of payment methods and shipping method are provided at present?
1. Credit card payment and home delivery: After payment, the product(s) shall be delivered by EMS.
※After placing the order, please pay attention to the shipping notification by E-mail.
※The settlement unit in the website is TWD (NT$).
Q3. How can I become a member?
You can firstly add the product(s) you want to buy into the shopping cart, and click on "check out", and then enter the "First Shopping" page. Enter the basic information or login with Facebook account, and then appropriately fill in your basic information. After the information is confirmed to be sent, the system will automatically add you as a member! Or you can click on "Join Member" at the top right corner of the website and fill in your personal information, and we will send a mail to your E-mail box for verification. Please find the verification letter we sent in your E-mail box (sometimes it is in junk mails), and then fill in the verification code to become our member!
Q4. What can I do if I forgot my password?
If you forgot your password, please click on “Login”, and then “Forgot Your Password”, and then enter your E-mail for registration. The system will send the notification of password reset to your preset E-mail box, please receive the mail, and click on the link in the letter to reset your password.
Q5: How to modify personal information and password?
Please click on “Member Login”, and enter the E-mail and password to login your account, and then click on “Modify Member Profile”.
You can modify your E-mail account for login, password, or shipping address etc. After updating your E-mail account, please pay attention to your new E-mail box and make sure the order notification can be normally received.
Q6. How to track my order?
After entering as a member, you can track your order processing in “Order Inquiry/Sales Return” in “Members Area”.
Q7. How to modify order contents, shipping address or cancel an order?
Modify an order:
After the order is sent, the order contents cannot be modified. If you need to make the modification, please login your account in “Member Login”, cancel the order, and then place a new order.
Cancel an order:
Before the order enters the packing operation, you can login your account in “Member Login”, and cancel the order.
Login your account in “Member Login” >>Enter “Order inquiry/ Sales Return” and then click on “Cancel Order”, and then the order is canceled.

※The canceled order cannot be recovered.
※If the order has entered the packing operation, we are sorry that the order cannot be canceled. 
※Please note if you place a new order after canceling the previous one, the quantity of products is subject to that on the page!
Q8. How many days will the product(s) arrive after the order is placed?
The normal shipping time is: place an order today and make shipping within 72 hrs. 
Please note that the shipping is not made on weekends and holidays, and the order placed after the deadline every day shall be postponed for one day.
In principle, the deadline of order acceptance every day is 12:00 p.m., and the order after the deadline shall be postponed for one day. The shipping is not made on national holidays and regular holidays. (If the force majeure such as typhoon, earthquake and flood etc. occurs, the order shall be processed depending on the circumstances, and the actual situation will be separately announced and noticed.)
Please note that the actual shipping time shall be adjusted based on order quantity, and may be advanced or delayed. If the shipping is delayed for 2 days, it shall be announced on the website homepage!