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Privacy policy and Clause
Welcome new member of funcare:
funcare official website, www.funcareshop.com.tw (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) provides the service under the Membership Agreement, other announcement, regulations and instructions in the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). This Agreement is intended to protect members’ interests and rights in using the service provided in the website and also confirm the rights and obligations between the Company and members at the meantime.
Upon receipt of our membership confirmation from the E-mail box you registered in the membership information and confirmation of the registration into membership, you have already read, agreed and acknowledged the contents and covenants referred to in the Agreement and accepted the contents of service provided currently or in the future.
We reserve the right to amend or alter the Agreement, if necessary, at any time and the amendments hereto shall supersede the previous contents. The amendments will be posted in Members Area in the website, www.funcareshop.com.tw, without a separate notice to members. When accessing the website, please pay attention to the amendments or alterations to the Agreement, if any. Your continuous use of the service upon any amendment or alteration to the Agreement constitutes your agreement to the relevant amendments or alterations that you have already read, agreed and acknowledged. If you disagree with the said amendments or alterations or any provision herein, you should cease using the service immediately.
● Scope of membership service:
The service to be provided by the website covers www.funcareshop.com.tw and our websites to be added potentially in the future. We may add, reduce, change or terminate the scope or contents of the relevant service without separate notice to you.
The period of membership service refers to the time when the user appropriately fills in the application form and completes the registration procedures and our company completes relevant system setting, so that the membership service is available for the user.
● Member account, password and security:
1.Upon your registration at the website as a member, we will protect your transactions and privacy under our privacy statement. In the website, the combination of each user account and password represents the user personally. Any conduct under the combination will constitute the user’s personal conduct. You must set up, maintain and keep your member password, including but not limited to log-out after using the service in the website. If you disclose your personal information, member password or payment information and make them available to any third party, you will be liable for the third party’s conduct solely.
2.You must make accurate and complete statements about your information when registering in the website.  If you make any false statement or misrepresent the information, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account and also deny your access to our service.
3.The website will not provide any personal information to external links. You might need to input your personal data when activating the services available on the external links at the first time, and comply with the terms and conditions and privacy protection policy therein. The Company will not make any guarantee or bear any liability towards the external links.

● Member’s privacy protection:
Without your prior consent, in no event will we disclose the personal information registered or recorded by you, such as name, address, E-mail address and any other personal information to be protected under laws, to any persons or entities outside our company.
Meanwhile, for the purpose of marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or member’s personal service or value-added service, you agree that our company may record, maintain and use the data and record you maintained or generated in the website, and may publish or use the statistical data insofar as said data and record shall not be disclosed.
In the event of the following circumstances, we might provide your personal information to the relevant authority, or any third party who claims infringement upon their right and submit official documents to the judicial authority:
1.As required by laws or by judicial authorities and any other competent authorities based on the legal procedure;
2.To maintain the other members or third parties’ legal interest and right in the case of emergency;
3.To maintain the normal operation of the member service system;
4.Any user violates the government decrees or these terms of use.
The members have the right to make requests at any time to use personal information (detailed member information), modify, supplement, delete or block personal information, or refuse to use the personal information for direct marketing, or receive specific or all kinds of marketing data. For the above-mentioned requests, please contact us by following E-mail: service@funcare.com
The personal information and other specific information (e.g. transaction information) registered or recorded by you will be protected and controlled in accordance with the regulations in "Personal Data Protection Law" and our “Privacy Policy”. Our company shall make every effort to apply reasonable technology and program to guarantee the security of personal information.
● e-News and EDM
Upon joining as a member, you agree that we may send, on a non-scheduled basis, e-news or EDM to the E-mail address registered by you. If you don’t want to receive our e-news or EMD, please tell us to cancel the subscription through E-mail: service@funcare.com
● Intellectual property right:
Unless otherwise expressly defined by us, the intellectual property right in the software or program used by the service, or the contents in the website, including but not limited, works, graphics, files, information, data, website frame, webpage layout, and website design, shall remain vested in us or other right owners pursuant to laws, including but not limited to, trademark right, patent right, copyright, business secrets and know-how, etc.
All persons are prohibited from using, modifying, reproducing, publicly broadcasting, adapting, distributing,issuing, publicly releasing, reversing engineering, decompiling or disassembling said software, program orthe contents of the website.
Any persons quotation or retransmission of said software, program or the contents of the website shall be subject to the prior written consent of us or other right owners pursuant to laws
● Liability and damages:
All of the data and records used in the duration of your use of the service must be based on the data recorded in the database of the service. In the case of any dispute arising there from, both parties will submit the digital data stored by them respectively to a court or a justified third party for determination.
Where you violate this Agreement or relevant laws and thereby cause us and the relevant performance facilitator to suffer damage or incur expenses (including but not limited, freight, disposal expense, cost of action and attorney fees), you will be liable for the damages thereof.
● Termination of service and disclaimer:
We maintain the normal operation of the website in the manner and with the technology considered generally reasonable, provided that in the following circumstances, we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or refuse to provide the service, in whole or in part, without being obligated to give prior notice to you. We shall not be liable for indemnifying or compensating users against any direct or indirect damage:
1.Relocation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of the service-related software and hardware;
2.User’s violation of any government decrees or this Agreement;
3.Suspension or termination of the service caused by natural calamities or any other force majeure incidents;
4.Suspension or termination of the service caused by any circumstances not attributed to us;
5.Inaccuracy or forgery, tampering, deletion or retrieval of the service information, interruption of the system or abnormal operation of the system caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control;
6.We reserve the right to reject your access to the service if any libelous, offensive or harmful text or any contents against public order and good morals appear in your transmission of the service via our message or other e-message;
7.Any other circumstances in which we deem it necessary to suspend or terminate the service.
We will make every endeavor to post any foreseeable software and hardware maintenance plan that might result in interruption or suspension of the system in a timely manner in the website prior to occurrence of the plan.
The website will provide you with the service as is. The website makes no representation or warranty of any kind, nor will it be liable for the damages.
● Termination of membership and our obligation to notify:
1.Where you meet the circumstances, including but not limited to the following, in the duration of your use of the service: provide any false or untrue data in the membership registration, claim any issues irrelevant to the service and goods against our customer service department consecutively, or violate this Agreement, purpose of the website and member service doctrine, we may proceed to suspend, terminate or reject any other services made available to members. You hereby acknowledge that we may terminate your membership per this Agreement with any cause without your prior consent and we shall bear no obligation or liability towards you or any third parties.
2.To inform you of the relevant message, we will serve the message to the E-mail address recorded by you when registering. In the case you need to update your E-mail address, you must update the information in the website immediately and maintain accuracy, timeliness and completeness of your E-mail address and other personal information from time to time. Where it is impossible for us to serve messages to you due to incorrect or invalid E-mail addresses recorded by you or any other causes not attributed to us, our notice is still deemed served successfully.
● Effect, governing law and jurisdiction court
Any other matters not provided herein shall be interpreted, supplemented and handled in accordance with the ROC laws.