Shopping Introduction   Introduction of shopping procedures
Shopping Introduction
Introduction of shopping procedures
Please click on the product you want to buy, and after browsing, please click on "check out" or "Buy now".
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 If you want to use coupon or bonus, please make reduction.
Select your coupon
The coupon shall be automatically sent to your account, and please select the coupon you want to use for deduction.
If the coupon is not automatically sent to your account, we will generate a group of verification code for you The coupon for membership gift, membership upgrade gift, recommending products to friends, user experience sharing, and customer satisfaction survey is automatically sent to your account.
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Confirm the amount
If it is the same with the purchaser's address, please tick off directly
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Congratulations! Your order has been completed
Please fill in your credit card information, and after it is confirmed to be sent, your order shall be completed. Funcare specially adopts the credit card payment mechanism provided by EzPay. It covers nearly all kinds of credit card circulating in the market such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and UCARD, and is established on the payment gateway and online cash register with 128-digit SSL security mechanism which conforms to international security standards, so as to better guarantee the security of your transaction.