burner® Wrinkle Remover Cream
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burner® Wrinkle Remover Cream
Anti-wrinkle solution for your body
Treatment for Cellulite,rebuild your skins elasticity
Wrinkle prevention and repairmen
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Product description
Combining multiple nourishing ingredients including kalpariane extracted from Brittany’s organic deep-sea brown algae, Actiporine 8G extracted from organic Jania rubens Lamouroux, and collagen to effectively prevent and soften wrinkles on the body, strengthen skin tone, and enhance skin elasticity. The cream delivers intense moisture while is light and non-greasy in texture. Suitable for skin on all areas of the body and sensitive skin.
Helps restore firm and supple skin tone after weight-loss or after pregnancy. Especially effective on areas prone to develop stretch marks including breasts, lower abdomen, hips, and thighs.
Actiporinte 8G, Kalpariane, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and hamamelis mollis.
Contents: 100ml bottle
Using suggestion:
Apply in the morning and evening on target areas, massage gently until absorbed. Suitable for use in massaging the neck, lower abdomen, hip, thighs, and other places prone to develop wrinkles.
Warning :
If the use of any unusual or discomfort, please stop using, or to consult a dermatologist
Storage: Please store in a dry and shady area and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
Shelf Life:3 Years
※This product has been insured with NT$50 million product liability insurance in Taiwan provided by the Fubon Financial Group.
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