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funcare® Natural Cranberry & Roselle Capsules
Urinary tract and vaginal health protection
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Product description
Ido® Natural Cranberry Capsules are proven to protect and maintain vaginal health. The capsules have 4,800 times high-concentration cranberry essence (CystiCran) and Roselle calyx essence which has been extracted via Ido’s French patented extraction method. Ido® Natural Cranberry & Roselle Capsules are women’s best protection against recurring infections.

●4,800 times high-concentration cranberry essence
●One pill per day - highest concentration of cranberry and roselle goodness
●Protect & maintain women’s vaginal health
●Recommended product by Japan’s Noguchi Institute of Medical Research
●Awarded “Trusted Medical Product” by Japan’s Noguchi Institute of Medical Research 
●Funai Biomedical Technology provides you the safest, most natural health products with no chemical preservatives. You can trust us! 

Cranberry Extract (Patented Cranberry Essence Extraction), Roselle Calyx Extract (Patented Roselle Plant Essence Extraction), Nutritional Additives (Vitamins B1, B2 & C).
●Dosage: Take 1-2 everyday. Consuming more will not harm the body. 

●Note: Pregnant women and children below 3 years old are prohibited from consuming this product. 

●Caution: Store in a dry area at room temperature. Avoid humidity and direct exposure to sun. 

●Shelf Life: 3 years 
This product has been insured with a 50-million-dollar product liability insurance in Taiwan provided by the Fubon Financial Group
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