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funcare® Dual-Colored Stone Belts
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Product description
●Detailed product description:
Made from elastic fabric with strong ductility, this product is comfortable and fits the body smoothly. The waistband has a convenient design that allows for better coverage! It makes use of active membrane conducting technology that is directly attached to the accessories, allowing for good conducting effects and close contact with the skin. Paired with the Funcare Digital Tens, it can be prepared to cover a larger surface area for double the effects!
● Product Characteristics - Silver Fiber + Electronic Stone
Silver Fiber: The high performance thermal conducting properties enhance its strong far infrared power.
● Electronic Stone: Allows far infrared wavelengths to display its greatest power of 4 ~ 14µm deep into the skin; Allowing the permanent production of a weak electrical current and negative ions that are beneficial for human health.
●Specifically Designed for the Entire Waist Area
●Largest Waist Size is 44 Inches
Brand new original and innovative active conductor membrane can be directly attached to the conducting area. This helps achieve low-frequency conducting effects. Seamless and close contact with the skin helps foster the easy feeling of natural rhythm and movement.
This product has been insured with a 50-million product liability insurance provided by the Fubon Financial Group.

●Operating Instructions
1. Attach the conducting line of the main body machine to the hook of the main body machine in accordance with the following instructions. Please read the instructions carefully prior to use.
2. The use of this product’s accessories does not require any gel applications. Prior to use, please make sure that the transparent conducing active membrane adhesives are not peeling or attached to areas other than the conducting area.
3. When using this product, the conducting area must be kept flat and completely attached to the skin. Please tighten the waistband to allow for better conduction.
If the conducting area is not completely attached to the skin, the conduction might be uneven resulting in some discomfort. When this happens, immediately stop use and readjust before using again.
It is recommended that the user lie down for maximum comfort and intimate adhesion. If the user decides to remain in a sitting position while using the product, make sure that the conducting area must be flat and completely adheres to the skin.
Some discomfort may be felt if the active conducting membrane adhesives are not completely attached to the skin as a result of moving around. 
4. It is recommended that the product be used for 30 minutes. Gradually increase the strength from weak to strong and slowly be aware of whether the product is firmly attached and evenly conducted.
5. After use, if any traces of oils or sweat are left on the conducting area, gently wipe the active conducting membrane adhesives with a damp cloth.
6. Store in a dry and dark area. Avoid leaving product under direct exposure to the sun, in extreme temperatures or inside a car.
7. While this product is made from durable fabrics, it is still considered a consumable accessory. When the product has been used for some time and can no longer be effectively used, please acquire another set.
Product description:Dual-Colored Electric Stone Additive Red Burn & Yellow Cycle
Body: 64X19 (LXW) cm
Accessories: 1 Waistband (50x6 (LXW) cm)
Suitable Area: Waist Area
Short video of operating instruction
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