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burner® Ultra White Kidney Bean Capsule
Decrease carbonhydrate absorption
Efficient with sugar breakdown
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Product description
Garcinia cambogia extract, oat extract, green coffee extract, white kidney bean extract, chestnut extract, , and niacin bound chromium.
1. White kidney bean extract
2. Garcinia cambogia extract
Modify dietary habit and control calories.
3. Green coffee beans
Promote metabolism and maintain body shape.
4. Chestnut extract
Extract from chestnut peel, popular in Japan.
5. Niacin bound chromium.
6. Vegetarian.
7. Funcare provides world-class products that are safe, healthy, and scientifically tested. A brand that you can trust!
8. Suitable for: Eastern diets, those who enjoy starchy foods, rice, bread, desserts, and beverages.
These safe products are designed to support healthy diet management and provide convenience.
Serving suggestion:
Direction for use: Take 1 capsule daily at 5-10 minutes before lunch and dinner with 250c.c. of warm water.
Content: 500mg, 30 capsules
1. Not suitable for children younger than 12 years old, pregnant women, those with poor digestive function or severe illness.
2. Please store in cool, dry places away from the reach of children.
Placed in a cool & dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight
Expiry date/manufacturing mark: Indicating on the bottom of box
Country of origin: Taiwan
Shelf Life:3 Years
※This product has product liability insurance coverage Fubon Taiwan NT $ 50 million
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